Concrete stamping offers dozens of designs to every home and business owner. St Louis stamped concrete patterns are famous for mimicking other natural materials ideal for floors. With this flooring type, you can have brick, wood, old-English styled cobblestones, and more. So, you will not run out of choices.

Is choosing the design that will best fit in your properties challenge you? Read through this post for you to take your pick on the timeless stamped patterns for your concrete floors!

16 different stamped concrete designs

What is the Stamped Finish For?

Concrete floors have been surfacing every property for decades. People’s love for the grey, cold footings cemented through its superb function. It’s seamlessness and sturdiness last for several years. For some, this plain, bare ground has become too familiar. The floors grew to be boring.

Here come the stamps. The stamping technique incorporates patterns to decorate the hard rock floor. The newly poured cement mix is pressed down using custom or pre-made rubber stamps, like a stencil. But with this method, the concrete is finished with bold, traditional flooring patterns.

The technique is most suitable among exterior concrete. Not only you’ll get super-strong flooring that resists damages, but you will also have a stylish floor to greet you and your guests. Have a walk on your patios, driveways, walkways, and pool decks with stamped concrete!

Stamps For All Time

Not to forget to mention that stamping can offer you custom designs. To start with, let’s get you familiarized with the most love patterns that never get out of date!

1-Seamless Slate

Slate patterns are natural stone’s original look. Adding slate patterns on a polished concrete will give you natural stone flooring. The great thing about this design is that the seamless slate looks masterfully crafted. It feels like a highly skilled flooring installer cut through massive stones to bring to your properties. The smooth and even surface looks stunning.

The seamless slate is perfect for the patios, extended concrete decks, or transition steps for driveways and pool decks. This is also perfect for creating the base of firepits or fountains.

2-Wooden Stamps

The wooden pattern can be tricky to choose. Wooden patio steps look great for creating a boho-inspired exterior. If you also have a pergola installed in your patio or front porch, the wooden steps will be a perfect match for it. Create a country-style vibe in your properties with this pattern.

3-Athens Slate or Granite Texture

The Greek architecture simply breathes old-contemporary design. Its innovative and straightforward look remains since ancient Greek times. This pattern incorporates marble and granite for a hint of intricacy. A very subtle way to reflect the Greek’s eye for details.

4-Sanded Slate

Sanded slate has a light, delicate texture. Its pattern adds a crafty look to the driveway. It gives a simple and straightforward look. It’s excellent for concrete flooring that receives high foot traffic and exposure to the outdoors. The texture also gives additional traction on the surface. So, with this design, the surface improves with the less slippery outdoor surface.

wooden chairs and table on a stamped concrete floor
stamped concrete pattern
reddish stamped concrete pool deck

Final Thoughts

The list above is just the surface of the vast choices for stamping concrete floors. The next thing for you to do is to contact your local-based contractors specializing in decorative resurfacing. It assures you quality, masterfully crafted floors, whatever pattern or style you pick!

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