Creating a mini paradise at home is achieved with elegantly built swimming pools. Today, the design had gotten more innovative than how it was in previous decades. You can go for designs that will make the pool deck stand out.

A traditional stamped concrete pool deck St Louis that blends well with the natural scenery. Or, if you want an out-of-the-box concept, you can have a pool deck that aligns with the soil surface for an infinite pool effect.

Play with numerous themes that have been popular. Then, adding your creativity to make it sell to the audience today. This is the perfect time for your pool design planning. Here are the best pool deck ideas for 2021.

fancy swimming pool overlooking the seaside on a dusk

1- Cocktails and Dining by the Pool Style

two glasses of cocktails by a poolAbove ground and in-ground pools, both can innovate the decks into a spot to chill with food while dipping on the pool.

If you have an above-ground pool, maximize the space outside the pool basin. Set up chairs around the exterior. Add a shade on that side which you want to utilize.

If it is an in-ground pool, a suitable design for a dining spot on the deck are tiles and slate patterns.

Make sure that the dining or cocktail spot has a different arrangement. Make the material counteract the design of the main deck.

2- Nature-themed Pool Deck

fancy swimming pool with trees aroundNowadays, most people who stay at home love to bring in the outdoors to their properties.

What is a mini paradise without the real living plants?

Ornamentals go well together with the bare grey pavement. A pool deck can achieve this with an exposed aggregate pattern.

3- Glittery Decks

fancy swimming pool with beautiful lightsMimic the natural look and feel of the sand from the beachside with plain exposed concrete. Or combine it with terrazzo epoxy styled pool flooring. This style is now famous as a rustic terrazzo pool deck.

The concrete that is mixed with aggregates enhanced with quartz, glass particles, and marbles looks sandy.

The coarse texture also adds to the feeling when you walked on it. With this style, you can also choose the color concept that you like to have.

4- Deco Stone

pool with nice viewDeco stone is easy and affordable. Either you get a professional to do it or have it as a DIY activity for you.

Deco stone is using tiny pieces of stones and pebbles. The colorful sediments create a chic and shabby look for the deck.

This technique is combined with other pool deck ideas. You can create personalized designs like a leaf, outlines of solid shapes, or animal silhouettes. Then, poured around it concrete stamped with natural stone patterns.

5- Fire Pits and other Lightings

pool by a houseOne way to dig cool ideas for the pool deck is by considering the play of lights and shadows. Suppose it is not enough to think of the designs during daylight. Try viewing the pool exterior and how it looks at night.

Adding a fire pit by the deck adds a dramatic effect to the pool area. You can use led lights to illuminate the pol waters under the dark sky.

Lighting the edges of the deck adds to the enticing energy of the pool area.

In conclusion, pool decks play a factor in making your swimming experience complete. A sturdy deck with exquisite designs makes you want to keep them safe and polished and maintained all the time. 

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