wooden chairs and table on a stamped concrete floorRenovating your business establishments with stamped concrete flooring reflects a business that remains on top of its game. How your business properties appear creates increasing audience flow that trusts a service or product you provide.
Enhancing your business with stamped concrete flooring is an excellent investment for your business. Not only that, it is cost-effective, but also it brings your company a contemporary, high-end look.
Stamped concrete flooring, also known as stampcrete comes in various designs that refurbish old fashioned company buildings and commercial spaces. To move forward with your stampcrete installation and improve your offices’ look, here are easy steps to guide you in selecting a decorative concrete for your business makeover.

1. Plan-out Your Concrete Stamping Designs

16 different stamped concrete designsFirst, assess how you want to represent your business. What type of business do you offer? What existing and new approaches do you apply? You could be more old-fashioned in your business approach and turn over to adopting a modern perspective.

Stamped concrete flooring has various patterns and textures you can choose. The decorative concrete comes in a range of colors representing the look you want your business to translate.

2. Update Existing Patterns with New Stamped Overlays

closed garage and greyish colored concrete driveway stamped overlaySometimes, traditions that people keep have functional purposes. You may not need a complete overhaul to your business. Old slabs can still be useful. Some parts of your commercial spaces indoor or outdoor have won over the test of time.

A classic polished pattern in your business area served as a trademark that makes your business recognizable over the years. You decide to keep it. What you realized is using stamped overlays to update existing parts of your flooring.

Concrete contractors would highly recommend this step for its affordability. This step is easy. It simply mixes a well-kept traditional look with newly-polished elements.

3. Concrete Stamping for a Fresh Outdoor Image

stamped concrete patio with chairs and tablesConcrete stamping is another standard process to uplift the façade of your business properties. A freshly polished outward appearance invites more people to visit your establishment. A well-groomed patio could consist of a mix of natural green grass area and stamped concrete accents. Stamping concrete on your driveway does not only create a welcoming scene for your customers’ arrival. It serves a functional purpose for maintaining parts of your commercial spaces with simple cleaning and repair process. It is low-cost for a high-end look.

4. Cost-Effective Maintenance for Decorative Concretes

reddish stamped concrete pool deckUnlike the old-fashioned way of cleaning the carpets, polishing vinyl dirt, or waxing outdated wood floors, stamped concrete flooring requires low maintenance. It is a lasting investment that saves about 30 to 40 percent on your budget. 

Decorative stamped flooring only needs accessible, low-cost, cleaning materials. A contractor that makes an excellent concrete stamping job installs a durable concrete cement so that you will not worry about cracks in the future. The set of various styles and patterns of stamped concrete can minimize your acquisition of materials to decorate your commercial space flooring. 

If you want a classical mood to upgrade your establishment, choose brick patterns and wood textures of stamped concrete to suit your taste. On the other hand, the neutral, earthy colored and greyish stamped concrete flooring fits a contemporary minimalistic interior and exterior of business properties.

Contact a licensed and insured stamped concrete flooring contractor in your area today! Get-on planning your flooring upgrade and save more for your future business!

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