No matter how you see it, you will have to spend for overlays and resurfacing. Whether you hire a company, such as Decorative Stamped Overlay St. Louis, or turn the resurfacing into a DIY project. From the materials you will use to labor and transportation, costs will always come into consideration. That’s why today’s piece will focus on the costs of decorative stamp resurfacing. 

stamped concrete patio rustic design

Stamps? Decorative Overlays? What Are They?

Before you answer how much you have to spend, you need to know what you are paying for exactly. Decorative overlays are examples of how you can get rid of interior and exterior concrete surface damage, issues, and imperfections. These versatile resurfacing methods improve the pre-existing surface’s situation, function, and appeal. The best part of it all is that you don’t have to worry about replacing the concrete at all!

Decorative concrete

Decorative concrete overlays are an approach to provide concrete floors a second shot at function and existence. Judging by the name alone, this concrete flooring solution can create an aesthetic finish like no other. However, it is not all about looks. Decorative concrete also enhances the structure’s protection and durability, making it last longer.

Stamped concrete

Concrete stamps are a type of decorative overlay. They are topping coats you can install on patios, driveways, and other surfaces. Stamping is ideal if you want to save some money on improving your concrete flooring systems. Stamping is not expensive compared to utilizing genuine wood, stone, brick, and other flooring materials. And if you want that natural look, stamping can get it done without using those actual things. Stamping concrete options boast a variety of preset patterns and designs. These designs include hues and textures and other properties. You also have the freedom to custom-create the stamps if you wish.

Time For The Costs

Here is a brief comparison of the different decorative concrete stamping overlay types and how much they cost.

TYPE of stamp overlay


Single color stamp over standard concrete

$1 to $4 per square foot

1 to 2 ordinary stamp colors over any textured concrete

$5 to $9 per square foot

Intricate and complicated stamps with numerous colors

$7 to $12 per square foot

High-end stamps with multiple colors and carving patterns

$11 to $17 per square foot

Customized designs and patterns that include designing and construction

$18 onwards

However, most custom jobs have bid-only prices.

stamped concrete pavement st louis

The Benefits Of Stamping Your Concrete

  • Stamped concrete patios, pool decks, and driveways add value to your property. This aspect is a great plus if you wish to sell or rent the place out.
  • The basic installation of the stamping coat does not require heavy equipment to get it done.
  • Other paving materials require immense care and maintenance. Stamped concrete overlays do not.
  • The stamps cost less than actual paving items, such as wood, brick, flagstone, marble, and stone.
  • The concrete lasts longer, thanks to stamping. It withstands heavy foot traffic, weathering, and damage from other sources.
  • You can customize the stamps in any design or texture you want. Doing so allows you to adjust the flooring system to the place’s theme or motif. You can do the same for interior and exterior concrete portions of your property, such as swimming pool decks, driveways, garages, and walk paths.
stamped concrete patio with chairs and tables

Decorative concrete stamping overlays are one perfect investment. It is a swell choice, not putting a burden on your wallet. On a high note, your property will look more charming, and work just as well. And you do not have to burden yourself with concrete stamping. There are local contracting firms that can do the job for you. Hiring an experienced one will cost you a bit more, but you cannot argue with the professional and high-quality results they bring.

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